NUIM Halloween Funshoot

On Saturday 25th the club travelled to Maynooth for the first indoor shoot of the season. The Halloween Funshoot was revived by NUIM after not being held by any college last year. Maynooth Archery Club had the hall prepared in a terrifying fashion with cobwebs strewn in the hallways and on the targets to catch unsuspecting beginners. Halloween treats were prepared for everyone to indulge in and many of the archers were dressed up. 60 arrows were shot in typical intervarsity fashion followed by a hot-shot with a Halloween twist: Zombie Shot! All archers had to fire one arrow at a time and try to kill the “approaching zombie”. If they didn’t score high enough in each end, they were zombie food! At the end of it all, GMIT compounder Marko was the last archer left alive!

The UCC squad were very successful on the day. Simon Henleywillis and Chris O’Leary placed 1st and 3rd respectively in intermediate male recurve. Shane O’Sullivan and Brian Swayne placed 1st and 2nd in beginner male recurve and Aisling Scully placed 1st in beginner female recurve. Thanks to NUIM for organising a great competition.