National Student Indoor Championships

The weekend of the 25th – 26th February was an eventful weekend for UCC archery. For yet another year we ran the National Student Indoor Championships and this year the turn out was amazing! There was a brilliant 98 people taking part, with 94 qualifying students as well as 4 guests. This is a fantastic increase from last year and a great indication for the overall interest and take up of Archery in colleges around Ireland.

The National Student Indoor Championship is the largest student inter – varsities in Ireland and took place in Nemo Rangers over the weekend (25th-26th February). The format of the competition is different to the IVs league with a qualifying round on the Saturday to set up ranking and head to heads on the Sunday. The divisions for the weekend were Compound, Recurve and Barebow in both male and female categories.

Emily Phipps was our stand out UCC player this weekend as she topped her division on Saturday and took the top ranking in the Barebow female division! This was a great encouragement to all UCC players as we started out the Sunday head to heads with attack and determination.

In the head to heads, Emily herself, got through to the second round but sadly missed out in progressing to final. This wasn’t the end though as she then progressed into the 3rd/4th bracket (against our very own Amy Garde) and come out in 3rd place.

Our beginners, Mary Hennessy and Sam Drugan both progressed passed the first round of their divisions, beating higher ranked players. Sadly they were not as successful in their second matches but we congratulate them anyway for getting through their first round and for coming along and joining us on the weekend.

Another eventful occasions over the weekend was for Amy Garde in her first round of the head to heads. With a 5-5 score, it went into a shoot off, with 40 seconds to shoot one arrow. However with some bad luck both Amy and her opponent shot after the buzzer which meant they both had to shoot again. Now the pressure was on as they were the only two standing up to the line to shoot. The buzzers went and this time they both had shot beforehand. It didn’t stop there as they got closer to the targets it became clear that the two arrows seemed to be at a similar distance from the middle. Barry the judge for the weekend, had to measure the distance and by only a millimetre or so, Amy progressed through to the next round!

Carla Reinhardt our wonderful vice-captain progressed through her first couple of rounds until she came up against the top female archery player in Ireland. Carla was matching to her end for end, however it was that little bit too low and Carla was not as successful in that match.

Of the lad, there was quite some competition as there was a huge turn out with 44 players taking part in recurve male on the Sunday head to heads. There was some fantastic competition and everyone did very well but sadly missed out on progressing farther then the 3rd of 6 rounds.

Finally there was a massive 15 players from UCC with 4 none UCC players being a huge part in the running of the competition. Therefore as a sign off we would like all of those both on and off the committee for helping out with setup, organisation and take down.

Special thanks to Simon Henleywillis who was key in the smooth running of the weekend and to Morgain Siede, Yusuf Fauzi and David Hurley who even though they were not taking part were there over the weekend to be on hand and help out with whatever was needed!

Here is to next year’s Nationals which we hope will be bigger and better then this years 🙂