The 4th IVs, it’s almost over!

Team at UCD

Can’t believe that there is only one competition left in the Intervarsities league and that just last weekend, we travelled up to UCD to compete in the 4th competition in the Intervarsities.

Dispute some hiccups with our transport and arriving a bit late to the competition, we arrived in force bringing a record number of 13 people. This has been the most archers we have brought to a competition with year and 3 of the players are our very own beginners, Emma Murphy, Mary Hennessy and Charlie Darden.

It was quite a fun competition and quite a successful one too. We even stuck around for the award ceremony at the end of the day and UCD provided some great metals to the winners of the different divisions.

For us we were left the competition with 4 metals, Carla Reinhardt in 1st place, Emily Phipps in 2nd Place, Amy Garde in 3rd place and Cormac O’Callaghan in 3rd place in their respective divisions. There was smiles and happy faces from everyone on the team. It has put us all in good spirits and we will train harder then ever for the last competition happening on the 11th March in IT Tallaght.

UCD Winners

UCD Winners

In the meantime, the National Student Indoor Championships, the biggest indoor intervarsities in Ireland is taking place next weekend the 24th February here in Cork. Everyone and anyone can come along to visit so do try and make it out to Nemo Rangers over the weekend to see some spectacular archery!

Check out our event here!