Welcome Back

  • 20th September, 2017

Welcome Everyone to the 2017/18 year at UCC.For everyone returning welcome back to UCC, and welcome back to Archery, be sure to shake off the rust at training. For those of you new to UCC and Archery we hope to see you all at training and if you have any questions just ask one of the committee

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Team at UCD

The 4th IVs, it’s almost over!

  • 20th February, 2017

Can't believe that there is only one competition left in the Intervarsities league and that just last weekend, we travelled up to UCD to compete in the 4th competition in the Intervarsities. Dispute some hiccups with our transport and arriving a bit late to the competition, we arrived in force

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Valentine’s Charity Shoot

  • 19th February, 2017

As we look back on Raise and Give week we look and see what great work everyone did on campus to support and raise money for the Raise and Give charities. We at UCC Archery Club did our part and ran a Valentine's Charity Shoot. This time with a small twist as it was open to the public and not

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IVs the third addition!

  • 8th February, 2017

Last weekend we made the journey to IT Carlow to partake in the third addition of the Intervarisities League. It was yet another step forward for the UCC archery club as we brought along 2 new beginners, Mary Hennessy and Charlie Darden. Mary was shooting recurve and Charlie was shooting barebow.

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And we are back!

  • 26th January, 2017

That was a great and long Christmas break. Plenty of time to recover from the exams and to get some time away from college work. So now that we are back, Archery Club is also back and in full swing. Our Tuesday archers, started off well with great attendance for the first week back while the

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Inter-Varsities: Take Two

  • 22nd November, 2016

Only one week after the start of the IV's league, the second edition occurred. This time in Maynooth University. It was quite a step forward for the UCC Archery club as we brought along two beginners to their first competition, Emma Murphy and Brian Fox. Both were shoot recurve bows and seemed to

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The start of the IV’s League

  • 15th November, 2016

We in archery cannot do anything normally and our IVs is a League with 5 competitions. It all kicked off last weekend on the 12th of November in DCU and to say UCC came out in force is an understatement. Our women really outdid themselves and took some of the top positions in their section. In

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Archery moves to the Mardyke Arena!

  • 9th September, 2016

After several years of practicing and training in the L1 room of the Electrical Engineering building, the UCC Archery club has successfully applied to extend training to Hall 1 of the Mardyke Arena, at the heart of UCC sports. This new venue will allow shooters to progress from a beginners

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Clubs Day Semester 2

  • 12th January, 2016

Kicking off semester 2 with a bang as we approach clubs day on the 13th of January 2016! This gives a great opportunity for those who wish to join us this semester or for those who have joined and would like to start again! Even if you have no experience with archery, you can still join as we hold

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