Outline of Committee Roles


CAPTAIN – The Captain is responsible for the running of the club in its entirety. They must ensure the committee are properly carrying out their responsibilities, keep on top of events happening week-to-week, deal with intervarsity issues, and encourage all members to improve the quality of the Club as a whole. The Captain should stay informed about the other committee members’ actions to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

VICE-CAPTAIN – The Vice-Captain assists the Captain with their responsibilities and substitutes for the Captain when the Captain is absent from proceedings.

SECRETARY – The Secretary is primarily responsible for correspondence between the Club and other parties. The Secretary’s other responsibilities include management of the weekly training emails, recording of minutes at any meetings, and maintenance of the Clubs online records.

TREASURER – The Treasurer is the person primarily responsible for the finances of the Club. At the beginning of the academic year, they must submit a budget of the projected income and expenditure as well as keep a record of all spending and income throughout the season. The Treasurer deals with finance applications for intervarsities and events at the PE Office and is responsible for managing orders and reimbursements.

EQUIPMENT OFFICER – The Equipment Officer is responsible for keeping all Club gear in a state of repair. They must submit a complete inventory of the gear to the Department of Sport at the beginning of each academic year and maintain the Club’s own gear records. The Equipment Officer must notify the rest of the Executive Committee when new gear needs to be ordered or if broken gear needs to be replaced.


PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER – The PRO is responsible for the promotion and awareness of the Club amongst the student body. They maintain the Club’s Facebook page, organise social activities, and design and print promotional posters for Club events.

WEBMASTER – The Webmaster’s job is the maintenance of the club’s website throughout the year. They are responsible for keeping it up to date on all the events going on in the club throughout the year.

RECORDS OFFICER – The Records Officer is primarily responsible for maintaining the attendance and score records for all Club Members. They must organise the weekly shooting list and notify the Secretary of new members to be added to the mailing list. The Record Officer assists the Secretary in maintaining the remainder of the Club’s records when required.

EVENTS OFFICER – The Events Officer is responsible for organising all the club’s social activities for the year. They have a role much like the Ents Rep of a class.

FIRST YEAR REP – The First Year Rep is someone elected to voice questions and concerns of new students and new members to the Club. They have a similar role to a Class Rep.

SAFETY OFFICER – The Safety Officer is responsible for the health and safety of Club members during official Club activities and has overriding authority on safety issues.

ORDINARY COMMITTEE MEMBERS – OCMs assist other Officers in the course of their duties at the request of the Executive Committee.