Davis Rusmanis

Position: Vice President

Groups: Committee, Full Squad, Intermediate Squad,


Type:                   Engineering Pokémon

Strong Against: Problem solving, coaching, photography, pints, philosophy, psychology

Weak Against:   Remembering peoples’ names, saving money

Resistant To:     Shortness, sleep

Vulnerable To:  Door frame head jambs, small bus seats, the weather up there

Found in the Meadows of Latvia, this type of Pokémon has migrated to the green fields of Ireland. This is the second stage of his evolution; having achieved a postgraduate evolution state, this Pokémon is determined to evolve into the final stage of PhDavis.

Warning: due to the height of this Pokémon it may appear to look down on others, however this is only literal and should not be interpreted as otherwise.

Long story short – I’m doing a PhD so I can keep coaching beginners.

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