Carla Reinhardt

Position: OCM

Groups: Committee, Full Squad, Intermediate Squad,


Three years on the Committee and I’m still around! This year I’ve decided leaving college isn’t for me so I’m pursuing a Research Masters in Engineering (pray for me). I discovered Archery through
college, mostly because I wanted to be part of a competitive sport and because I like shiny things
(ask anyone, I’m a human magpie). I’ve gone from never having shot before to Secretary, Vice-
Captain and Captain of the Archery Club (and it’s still standing! Jk.) It’s more than likely I’ll be at
every training session, complete with questionable music tastes and laden down with all the
responsibilities being OCM entails – i.e. none. If you need any help or have any questions, feel free
to stop me around campus or at training and ask, I don’t bite anymore! I can help you with training, shooting technique or just general college life and issues.

To anyone reading this wondering if they should get involved: don’t question it, the attraction is there, we all like firing pointy projectiles into compressed straw! And you will meet a lot of people that like the same thing! Even maybe go on to compete against other people that do! This was meant to be about me, but now it’s about you – so just come along to training.

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