Emma Daly

Position: Secretary

Groups: Committee, Full Squad, Intermediate Squad,


I like cake. I used cake bribery to get my position on this committee. I will use cake bribery again.

If you don’t like cake, I’m afraid you’ve got issues that no amount of therapy can fix. If you like cake, buy me a ring and I won’t say no.

As my Leaving Cert English teacher said, my essays were like “fifty shades of cake”. My leaving cert oral examiner told me to stop talking about cake. By now you can imagine the disappointment I had this year when I did not get a cake on my birthday. Let’s just say alcohol is a close second and that’s why I still talk to my family.

6 years after starting archery I really don’t know anything about the sport but winging it has always been my strong point. If you want info I can recommend someone to talk to, if you want info on cake, come find me and we can fan girl over buttercream together.

– Yours truly, Full time cake lover, part time archer, just about a college student, Emma Daly

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