Beginner training takes place every Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:30pm in Elec Eng L1. All equipment is provided and you are welcome to come and train regardless of any previous experience. Each member is asked to contribute €0.50 at each Wednesday session in order to maintain equipment, e.g. arrows, target faces, and beginner bows.

Several Beginners Courses are run throughout the academic year, and are seen as progression from a short beginner range to a longer competitive range of 18m. This course is designed and delivered by trained coaches on the committee, with the graduates often joining the Intermediate Squad.

Once the beginners course has been completed you will be certified with a beginner’s qualification recognised by the national body, Archery Ireland. This certification entitles one to shoot at any training venue or event which is governed by Archery Ireland. The certification covers different styles of shooting and a comprehensive detail of archery basics. This will allow you to travel and compete around Ireland with the UCC varsity team.

Squad training is for the more experienced archers of the club. Squad members work on honing their skills and improving form to reach an intermediate or advanced standard of performance. Only those approved by the Captain and committee may attend squad training.

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